Dofus Brasil
Urso Celestial

Urso Celestial é um monstro.


  • Bearbarian Hive


Nivel Stats Resistência (%) XP Base Características Alcance Aggro Trava
Vida PA PM Resist Resist Resist Resist Resist Resist Resist Iniciativa Sabedoria Força Inteligência Sorte Agilidade
212 20 000 20 8 25 21 16 24 23 60 60 ? 0


  • Little Brown Bearbarian: Revives 1-4 dead allies, activated by -MP, -range or moving it.
  • Bearbargain: deals damage proportional to HP lost on Celestial Bearbarian.
  • Bearbarrow: ~800-1000 damage cooperation spell on enemies.
  • Catch-up: (heavy state for all allies)


Nome do Item Trava de Prospecção
# Jogadores (PP Min necessaria)
Taxa de Drop (%)
Normal (Arquimonstro)
Celestial Bearbarian Breast ? (Hunter) ?
Celestial Bearbarian Hamate PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPp (800) 1.4
Celestial Bearbarian Tail PpPpPpPp (400) 14
Teddybearbarian Hormone PpPpPpPp (400) 1
Still Water Pp (100) 7


Urso Celestial becomes vulnerable when it is attacked by an adjacent player (or monster) with any spell or CC attack, until the beginning of the next players turn. When it becomes vulnerable, all players linear to it are pushed back 4 squares. All pushback damage is fatal in this room. Stabilization is a useful tool to avoid the pushback and allow large damage.

Urso Celestial's spells all cost 5ap, and the AI prioritizes the casting of Catchup over every other spell, so taking 6, 11 or 16 AP can prevent the casting of one damage spell, both damage spells, or even all of his spells.

Stealing MP, Range, or manipulating Urso Celestial's position causes the activation of the Beark to Life state, allowing the revival of up to four of Urso Celestial's allies. It is recommended to not activate this state unless Urso Celestial has either no AP or no dead allies.

Failing to dodge any enemy that has the Catchup effect active results in death for all players adjacent to that enemy. The AI of friendly summons is not smart enough to avoid dodging the Urso Celestial so summoning anything that likes to dodge close to the Urso Celestial has a high probability of getting someone killed.