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  • Game Information - General information about Dofus.
  • Getting started - Basic guide for new players with links for more specific information and a list of bigger changes throughout versions for returning players.
  • Combat - Information about fights and their mechanics.
  • Leveling guide - A guide for leveling up your Character.


Editing Help

  • Help:Editing - General help on editing for starters.
  • Help:Talk page - How to use a talk page.
  • Help:Contents - Various Wiki tutorials.
  • Dofus:Templates - List of all Dofus Wiki templates used in specific pages.
  • Dofus:Sandbox - Page to test your editing skills.
  • Special:Whatlinkshere - Type a page's name to see on what pages it is used, useful for renaming.

Activities on the Wiki

  • Pages that need work - List of pages that need tweaking, sorted by what needs to be tweaked.
  • Dofus:Projects - List of projects on the Wiki.
  • Dofus:Renames - List of pages that need a rename.
  • Dofus:Missing Image - List of pages that are missing an image.
  • Wiki Achievements - Achievements you can earn on the Wiki by editing various pages.

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