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Riassunto della Missione
Inizio Talk to Amayiro
Livello Richiesto
Altri Prerequisiti Completed The Tabi of Amayiro
Ricompensa Totale 9400 XP, Alignment level 20
Oggetti Richiesti
Seguito Rings on the fingertips (Bonta Quest #21)

The Tsog ghost è una missione.

Step: Information about the Captain[]

You must find a way to communicate with the passed away captain Tsog in order to get the information he wants to pass on. Captain Alrok knows where Tsog's grave is.

  • Report to Amayiro what Tsog said
  • (Optional) Talk to Captain Alrok
He tells you that Tsog's tomb is at (-12,-62) in the Bonta Cemetery.
  • Lose all of your Energy while on the Cania Plains to become a Ghost.
  • Head to (-12,-62) and click the square in front of the tallest of the three tombstones in the top left of the map. In 2.0 the tomb is on the right side, surrounded from flowers.
You enter a cave
  • Move to the square where Tsog is.
You receive Words of Tsog.
  • Revive yourself at a Phoenix Statue. Nearest is at (-11,-54).
  • Head to (20,23) in Sufokia with a Small Twiggy Shovel
You must equip the Small Twiggy Shovel, which requires having >1 Strength and >1 Chance.
  • Go into the house and into the tunnel, and click on the green barrel.
You obtain Tsog's Hidden Chest.
  • Speak to Amayiro again.
You lose 1 Tsog's Hidden Chest.
  • 9400 XP
  • Your alignment is now 20

You can now choose an order